Why us?

For us it's all about our creators.

We emphasise high-quality material, excellent communication, and environmental responsibility above everything.

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Enjoy 40% off on all our products and access to new product releases before they go live

Lifetime follower discount

Give the gift of 20% off for friends & followers for you to earn commission on 


Earn money

Earn 10% commission on any sales from your follower discount

Monthly giveaways

Free activewear set when you earn £50 commission


No commitments

Promote when you want and how you want - you're free to work with other brands too!

Grow with us

Tag us in our pieces for a chance to feature infront of our 120,000+ Instagram following


Simply sign up for our program to get your promoter link. Then share your link. When a new customer comes to our website using your affiliate link, you will earn 10% of the total sale. You can monitor your commissions in real time via your promoter dashboard. Commissions are paid via PayPal during the first week of every month.

We’re looking for influencers from across all social media platforms but we’re primarily interested in Instagram, YouTube and TikTok

Yes we do! We’re looking for influencers across the globe to help promote us!

Yes, of course! We value your content and the tight relationship you have with your audience.

Our activewear is made using a unique seamless technique and with the highest quality materials. All our manufacturing processes are transparent and described here

We’ve made a commitment to be 100% carbon neutral, find out more about our sustainability policy here here

what our creatives say

Absolutely love being part of Mini Activewear! All the ladies there are so nice and understanding of my ideas. Supplementing my income as an self-employed influencer by promoting an ethically responsible brand is a plus too 🌎 💜


Mini really helped me grow my Instagram following and I was able to get some free activewear and make some extra cash in the process



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